AECB and European partners complete successful collaboration

The AECB was the UK lead partner in PASS-NET, a European initiative creating a co-operation network of low energy and Passivhaus promoters.

The project aimed to spread knowledge and expertise about low energy building within Europe. The target was to rapidly increase the number of new buildings to low energy standards, such as Passivhaus, and also use these standards to inform the renovation of existing buildings.

The project report concluded that PassNet  had a positive effect on the energy efficiency standard of buildings in Europe.  Among the achievements reported were:

– 15800 visitors to Passive House Days

– 24 seminars attended by 607 delegates

– 470 participants from social housing organisations

– 200 organisations downloading seminar materials

– 547 buildings added to the European wide Passive House database

– Reports and factsheets

– Good quality training serving as an introduction to more in-depth courses eg the CEPH project.