AECB Announces Passive House Plus Partnership

Passive House Plus is to become the official partner magazine of the AECB following the decision of the Green Building Magazine editor to discontinue the paper editions the magazine.

Green Building Magazine has been an important member benefit for over 25 years, almost since the AECB’s inception and the final paper copy of the magazine is being sent to members this week.  Keith Hall, the editor is working on an internet based magazine and members will be informed when this is available.

AECB members will therefore be provided with a new package of benefits to include the Passive House Plus magazine with an online package of additional content and resources and an AECB Yearbook.

In a statement AECB chief executive Andy Simmonds, chair Peter Wilkinson and vice-chair Fran Bradshaw said:

“Green Building Magazine, and formerly Building for a Future, have for over 25 years inspired and informed a wide range of construction professionals and others interested in promoting the sustainability of buildings and the construction sector. There can be no doubt that the magazine has had a real influence on many people over the years of its publication.

“Green Building Magazine will not easily be replaced in the affections of AECB members.  However all AECB members also currently receive Passive House Plus magazine.  Although some AECB members, and some subscribers, may have concerns that it is ‘only about passive house’, this is far from what is intended.  Its editor, Jeff Colley, is passionate about all issues relating to sustainability of buildings. His previous magazine, Construct Ireland, was in fact focused on a wider range of sustainability issues.  The newer publication is intended to emphasise the centrality of achieving truly low energy buildings in moving toward a more sustainable construction sector, while recognising that there are many other vital issues which we must address; hence the ‘plus’ in the title.

“In order to enable the magazine to widen its scope as the editor intends, and the AECB would like, the AECB will be working intensively with him over the next year or two to put much more of the ‘plus’ into Passive House Plus.”

For more details download the letter to AECB members which is going out with the final Green Building Magazine paper edition this week.

Download AECB Letter to Members August 2015