Judicial review: taking the UK government to court for failing to set a safe climate target.

PlanB, run by a former government lawyer, and supported by Sir David King, former UK chief government scientist and permanent Special Representative for Climate Change have launched a judicial review against the UK government for failing to set a safe climate target – for which they need to crowd fund. They need help urgently to get the call for funding publicised in order to support this vitally important legal action, which has been called for by James Hansen.

Our need to ensure we actually deliver on the UK’s world leading Climate Change Act, has never been so critical, please consider supporting this initiative, either by donating or spreading the message to colleagues, friends and family’

Andrew Simmonds, CEO AECB

We are calling on our network to get behind this very important initiative – let’s see if we can help make a real difference here. Whether you are able to donate or not, we would appreciate it if you can share this with colleagues, friends and family.

PlanB have already issued a pre-action letter to the government, this can be found here

To donate to support this action click here.

The guardian published James Hansen’s call to action here.

Thanks to everyone for their support with this!