AECB Chair and Vice Chair’s End of Year Message

As we look forward to the start of 2015, we reflect on yet another eventful year for the AECB and the exciting prospect of the New Year ahead.  Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year.

Peter Wilkinson

The AECB Board has seen a few changes in personnel in the last year.  The most notable being the retirement from the Board of the Association’s longest standing Committee/Board member, Neill Lewis. Neill joined the very first Committee back in the 1990’s and has represented the Association’s interests every year since.  I would like to thank Neill, on behalf of every member past and present, for the many years of dedication he has given to the AECB.  Neill took over the position of Secretary to the Board from me back in June 2008, organising the Board meeting dates and recording the minutes.  His photographic skills were exploited at the AECB’s Annual Conferences for many years, recording the events of the two days and capturing the essence of the conference.  He has represented the AECB many times at national and regional events, such as Eco Build, Homebuilding and Renovating Shows amongst others.  Neill will still be seen helping out at such events and he remains an active member.  Thanks Neill.

Two additions to the Board were adopted at the Annual General Meeting, held during the Annual Conference in Bristol; Mark Siddall of Durham and Philip Newbold of Ireshopeburn, County Durham.  I am pleased to say that Mark has willingly taken on Neill Lewis’ former role as Secretary to the Board.  No pressure Mark, just a case of filling the boots of an AECB living legend!

The AECB 2014 Annual Conference held at Wills Hall, University of Bristol, was a triumph, being one of the best and most successful conferences ever.  The conference was opened by Bristol’s Mayor, architect and environmental campaigner, George Ferguson with a wide variety of interesting and stimulating sessions over the two days, including a tour of the Ashley Vale Community Self Build.  I was unable to attend this year’s conference due to illness and I am still regretting it.  If you have not experienced an AECB conference yet, I urge you to do so.  It is one of the most stimulating and nourishing experiences of the year, where you are guaranteed to be amongst friends who will make you feel welcome.  Thanks, once again, to Geoff Stow, Fran Bradshaw and Karen Purvis for organising this year’s conference.  The 2015 AECB Conference will be held at and hosted by Sheffield University.  I look forward to welcoming you all to Yorkshire.

I am eager to see the CarbonLite Retrofit (CLR) programme scheduled to be rolled out in the spring of 2015.  It will be an important milestone for the AECB.  Chief Executive Officer, Andy Simmonds, has been working exceptionally hard over the past year with the CLR team and AECB members who are sharing results from their monitoring of retrofit projects.  The resulting well researched, cutting edge content is being crafted into the AECB CarbonLite online training course, retrofit knowledge base and the retrofit self-certification system.  With this, the AECB aims to guide practitioners through the physics and evidence relating to building retrofit.  A must for any building professional involved in the retrofit sector. Look out for details of the courses in Network and on the AECB website.

Wishing you all the best for the season and a prosperous New Year.

Peter Wilkinson

AECB Chair 2014/2015

Fran Bradshawfran_bradshaw_201102 2

It’s been a good year of hard work from the  AECB Board and all the staff.  I’ve been appreciating the new look website and pleased that the AECB focus on putting the message across, is having a demonstrable effect.  More on that in 2015.

The conference is such a good opportunity for finding out what people are most concerned about, and I was particularly interested to hear this year from women members.   Of course women in the industry do still experience sexism in its various forms, but the AECB is often a haven of support and encouragement.  I am keen that we should have more equal representation on the Board and through co-opted members, and do all we can to support and encourage women in the AECB.  If you’d like to get involved please do contact us!

Thanks to all staff, board and especially Pete and Andy, and have a good break all.

Fran Bradshaw

Vice Chair 2014/2015