AECB Conference 2014 Feedback

Many thanks to all of those of you who took the trouble to complete the 2014 AECB Annual Conference feedback form.  The feedback was very positive with some very constructive comments. The full results are on the AECB website but below is a taster;

Q3)  Please rate the range of workshops and add any comments on workshops you attended and how they could have been improved.


Excellent Very Good Good OK Bad
30% 42.5% 25% 2.5% 0%



“There was a wide range of topics covered in the workshops, the difficulty is choosing which workshops to attend I suppose the answer is to attend again next year.”

“The visit to Ashley Vale was excellent. It is always good to see real buildings and talk to people with direct experience of sustainable building.”

 “Good range, it was really good to see some practical workshops, for example the airtightness one. More of this type of presentation would be great.”

“Workshops were good but mostly ‘showing things’ rather than explaining things – some more in-depth technical workshops might be good. Some workshops tried to cover too much and ended being too general.”

 “I really enjoyed the visit to Ashley Vale self build scheme. Overall I thought there was a really good balance this year – it was my favourite conference so far.”

“Excellent speakers at the top of their game. Good social and an inspiring event. Lovely venue. Well organised, well done.”

 Q5) Do you have any suggestions for formats, themes and workshops you would like to see at future conferences?

“More practical based workshops.”

 “It was very good to hear from Cath about Water & Floods in the main session this year, since I managed to miss all her talks last year.”

 “Some detailed technical workshops explaining principles – the principles of good ventilation, the science of moisture movement. Perhaps some detailed workshops on Passive design and how this differs from the principles of PassivHaus.”

These snapshots give some idea of the range.   One common theme was the need for practical workshops which we are looking into.  With many thanks once again to all the speakers and the Staff at the university.  For the full results click  here.