AECB further develops its international links – with North America and beyond

The AECB with Optimal Retrofit have been discussing embodied carbon modelling with Bronwyn Barry from the North American Passive House Network (NAPHN), who had invited Tim Martel to the US to explore collaboration around AECB CarbonLite’s PHribbon tool with north American users of PHPP. We are also in discussions with consultants in New Zealand who heard about PHribbon in the PH+ magazine, to incorporate NZ relevant materials and EPD databases into the tool.

Bronwyn at NAPHN writes:

“The UK Passivhaus community appears particularly adept at developing tools to enhance and support Passive House professionals. Their latest offering – PHRibbon by Tim Martel and the AECB – follows in the footsteps of an early version of DesignPH.  PHRibbon provides a set of tools for simplifying inputs for the PHPP energy model, plus a particularly novel module that uses third-party verified LCA’s to calculate Building Embodied Carbon. This promises to become extremely useful to the global Passive House community. Until recently, PHRibbon was only available for use with the metric PHPP version. With encouragement from NAPHN, Tim and the AECB have developed a beta version of PHRibbon that uses the Inch/Pound version of PHPP v.9.  This tool (and others) will be presented in June at NAPHN’s annual conference: PH2020.  NAPHN is excited to encourage the development of tools like these and to access our global network to share resources that accelerate the adoption of the international Passive House standard.”