Build PHPP Buttons

  • easier selection of climate region, shows what counties are in what region
  • you only need to know the county that the building is in.
  • library of typical constructions to start from (R-values for the US version)
  • build your own library of constructions
  • enters lambda value from a library of common lambda values (R-values/inch for the US version)
  • lambda 90/90 vales & link to BBA certificates, have your own custom lists
  • Orientation on Areas tab gives a simple way to work out bearings of each wall, draws outline of building as a crosscheck (if you have entered wall lengths)
  • Absorptivity works on the Areas tab allows quick entry of the wall shading, Absorptivity and Emissivity, gives absorptivity and emissivity of a range of common materials
  • Components button holds a large library of window glazing and frames, and allows you to easily copy these into your PHPP
  • You can also select standard items within your PHPP as well: glazing, frames and installation Psi
  • Check PHPP takes you through a set list of locations in your PHPP, you can add to and amend this list.
  • enters different window styles quickly, in mm or m, calculates the d-reveal, and enters the other info
  • advanced formulas option can accommodate changes in window or pane dimensions when calculating the d-reveal
  • alternative to the window tool, calculates the d reveal for windows you have entered
  • advanced option can accommodate changes in window or pane dimensions
  • runs through a standard check for PHPP and gives you a list of what is OK and what needs attention