AECB Water Standards

The SWIG – The Sustainable Water Industry Group – first Awards Ceremony was at the top of the GLA building, where you get a 180o panoramic view of London roofs.  The purpose of the ceremony was to raise the profile and awareness of sustainable water use, publically recognising the nominees and winning projects.  A warm welcoming address was given by Mr Kulveer Ranger, the Mayor’s Director of Environment.  Awards were presented by leading industry personality and TV presenter, Dusty Gedge.  As part of his introduction he included the study of the potential for greening London roofs. He suggested that the area of roofs within 6km circle centred on Trafalgar Square that could be greened is 10 million mof which about half a million m2 has been installed so far!  So that was an encouraging start to the proceedings.

Fran Bradshaw collects SWIG award


Each award was introduced very carefully, so that you got a good idea of why the prize was awarded, and the AECB standard which won a ‘products‘ award, was particularly praised for its good sense. The two tier structure, ‘good’ and ‘best’ practice was particularly mentioned, and the main comment was that the AECB could be promoting the standard and show people it. The standard is used by all designers in both domestic and non-domestic buildings, to optimise the water and energy use of that building.

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