APD completes Crawley’s first Passivhaus development

Crawley Borough Council’s first Passivhaus development, designed by Accredited Passivhaus Design, has been completed and certified to the Passivhaus Standard.

Gales Place in Three Bridges provides 13 new affordable homes – six flats and seven houses – for local residents. Each property is so thermally efficient that a radiator and two towel rails will heat it even in mid-winter.

The development is located on a complex site and provides a new urban space next to an existing community centre, safe routes to the adjacent primary school and car parking for residents and other local people.

With triple glazing, high insulation levels and low air leakage to minimise heat loss, and a ventilation system providing filtered pre-warmed air, the heating bills for a typical 2-bedroom house are predicted to be about £15 per month or less than 50p per day.

Accredited Passivhaus Design has now been appointed to design Crawley Borough Council’s second Passivhaus project.

Peter Ranken is an Architect and Certified Passivhaus Designer at Accredited Passivhaus Design, part of The Tooley & Foster Partnership.