CarbonLite retrofit graduate finds training course an excellent CPD.

Adele Mills receives Passivhaus credit points on completion of our CarbonLite retrofit course.

Congratulations to Adele and all other recent graduates of our CarbonLite Retrofit Course!

We spoke to Adele Mills to find out why she took the course and how it would benefit her in the future.

Adele has been a registered architect since 1989. Before setting up the partnership Simmonds.Mills with Andy Simmonds (AECB CEO) in 1992, she worked as an architect for Leeds Federated Housing Association, and for private practices in Bristol and Liverpool providing experience in architectural practice; contract management, low-cost housing, community projects and public participation. In the early years of Simmonds.Mills, Adele worked on site developing her building and site management skills, particularly in the more specialist ecological techniques – earthen construction, pole and other carpentry techniques. Using these skills, she carried out many hands-on building training courses for women and young people. She has been a design tutor at Cardiff University School of Architecture, and at the Centre for Alternative Technology.

Being in partnership with Andy Simmonds, Adele was aware of the retrofit course coming together from the early stages so saw the course as an ideal CPD for her due to its specialist and technical nature. She did wonder initially if she would have time to fit the course in with general life / work, but soon found that this was manageable and completed most of the course during her evenings.  Adele took the minimum time of 6 months to complete the course and receive her certificate.

Adele describes the course as  “very accessible and well written, appealing to a broad range of audiences”   and it contained “a good overview of current research presented in a clear way”. She was also impressed by the format of end of module quizzes and the monthly webinars and appreciated being able to feedback her comments to streamline the course even further.   She said “The approach was “very coherent suiting a variety of backgrounds including those like me who do not have a science background.” ” It managed to find a good balance between current technical and scientific research, explained and made relevant to participants’ own projects and their practical challenges”. ” I am recommending to colleagues and friends”.

In January this year, the AECB CarbonLite retrofit course received validation from the Passivhaus institute and graduates are allocated 35 credit points towards certification.  Read more here.

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