CarbonLite Retrofit Training: gearing up for 2019

Following the climate change talks in Katowice this month, the urgent need to cut carbon emissions is recognised more widely around the world than ever before.

And the need to get low energy retrofit right in the UK ties in with this: the PAS2030 energy efficiency installation standard will soon be joined by its “design” sibling, PAS2035.

The CarbonLite Retrofit (CLR) online course is one of a small number of courses in the UK providing training in the area of building physics and moisture robust retrofit. We’ll be announcing more as the PAS2035 itself reaches final form, including how those who wish to deliver retrofit under this standard can demonstrate that they have the skills and experience necessary to do so.

So for 2019, the CLR course will run on the same basis as in 2018, while we look ahead to developing it further in line with new opportunities.


Featured CLR graduate

Peter Chisnall – Green Peaches

Congratulations to Peter Chisnall of Green Peaches who completed the CLR course just last week! Peter has been an AECB member for over 15 years, and summed up his experience as follows:

“I found the course enlightening with the right mix of on line course work, quizzes, homework and webinars. The content is first class, provided by practicing proponents in the field of building physics. What I have learnt from the course is proving to be valuable in my work of designing low energy and comfortable homes.”

Peter is also a Certified Passive House Consultant and Tradesperson, so the CLR course gives him 35 Passivhaus Institute credits.

Build your knowledge with AECB’s Cutting Edge retrofit training course

 AECB’S cutting edge advanced retrofit training course (at Master’s level) is following the improved format used in 2018, keeping it highly flexible for the busy students and professionals it is designed for.

This means:

  • One standard price, all participants must be AECB members. (see price information below)
  • New students can book onto the online course at any point in the year. And they can pay to join the next webinar as they reach the relevant point in the course and as webinar dates are released.
  • The chance to take part in the 5 CLR webinars at a cost of £25 per webinar. *
  • Become part of the “CLR Graduate Community”

* The AECB runs both free and paid-for webinars to share specialist knowledge. The experts who present these webinars come from within and beyond the AECB. Occasionally we will make these free to watch: free to watch in 2018: Stacey Waring – bats and roofing membranes 


What’s in the Course?

  • 8 modules (over 70 lessons with quizzes to ensure understanding. See here for the modules in detail)
  • 4 in-depth homework tasks, also marked by automated quizzes
  • 5 webinar tutorials (optional, but a great chance to discuss retrofit with our expert tutors)


  • £410 + VAT

This provides registration onto the course with 12 month’s access to the materials (which can be renewed for a retainer of £50 + VAT if an extension is needed). The 5 optional CLR webinars are “pay as you go”, at a cost of £25 + VAT per webinar.

For more details about the course, click here:

and to try the free taster lessons click here: