Classic Landscapes companions with Honest Coffins

John from Classic Landscapes studied Ecology at college and as soon as he heard of the AECB he was keen to join, continuing his membership when he started Classic Landscapes in 1993.  More recently as age takes its toll,  the idea of doing something involving less mud appealed and the opportunity came about to take over Honest Coffins Limited –  an ideal companion to a smaller Classic Landscapes.

A huge number of coffins these days are imported from the far east, they are generally of a MDF with veneer construction and lined with plastic fabrics.

At Honest Coffins we build bespoke solid wooden eco-coffins.  The timber used is larch grown in sustainable Scottish woodlands.  The handles are of hemp rope made in a Victorian ropery in Chatham (they also make the rigging for HMS Victory).  Linings if required are of natural materials.  The coffins are produced to order in a shed in rural Gloucestershire by two old guys and a beautiful black labrador.

We are happy to adapt our basic designs to produce a coffin that truly reflects your loved one’s character or fulfils their wishes.  We have engraved private messages inside coffins; decorated the outside and much more.  People have come to our workshop to help finish coffins.  As one of these people said ‘it’s one of the last nice things you can do for someone’.

Our coffins are accepted by green burial grounds and crematoria.

Honest Coffins Limited for greener goodbyes.

This article is sponsored by Classic Landscapes Ltd