Climate-Conscious Kids Co-Create Zero-Carbon Schools

On Friday 12th November, to coincide with the last day of COP26, RAFT is holding a 6-school assembly where children will share what they have learnt and drawn/painted/performed with us, the community, to make their schools zero-carbon. In addition, the children will share the live retrofit construction works taking place in their schools, including insulation, airtightness, new heat recovery ventilation and decarbonised heat (removing boilers and replacing with air source heat pumps). As well as contributions from Lewisham children and school staff, there will be a live update from COP26.

Expect to discover:

  • What a primary school carbon footprint looks like
  • How RAFT is working with schools to help them reduce their carbon footprint
  • How the pupils have been involved in the process + what poems, drawings, music and artwork their produced
  • What and where retrofit works are taking place in Lewisham
  • Inspiration to retrofit your home or school

Special guests include:

  • Lewisham Children
  • Lewisham Headteachers
  • Harriet Lamb, CEO of Ashden
  • Joseph Mortimer, Dalmain Primary School
  • Young Mayor of Lewisham

RAFT will be streaming this assembly widely to invite other schools to participate in the movement, with the goal of making zero-carbon schools a national reality.

The children involved proudly invite you to their assembly, and ask you to invite your school, to find out how your school is contributing to climate change and how your school can become zero-carbon too.

Ask your class teachers, headteacher, support staff, caregivers, friends and family to register to join the assembly using this link:

RAFT (Retrofit Action for Tomorrow) is a community interest company of architects based in Lewisham, chaired by Harry Paticas, committed to helping schools become zero carbon. RAFT deliver a programme of engagement in schools, in parallel with deep retrofit design and construction, aiming to create a ripple effect of community-based change across London and the UK.