Climate Emergency Conservation Area Toolkit – launch event

Join ACAN Existing Buildings on Tuesday 6 December at 7pm for an online seminar presenting the launch of ‘The Climate Emergency Conservation Area Toolkit’.

The toolkit offers a methodology to allow Climate Emergency Retrofitting on all homes. It uses a worked example from an Islington conservation area to update planning rules around the retrofitting of heritage and non-heritage buildings.

With 20% of total UK carbon emissions coming from our 29 million existing households there is an urgent need to reduce carbon emissions in all housing stock including Conservation Areas. The 2021 ‘LETI Climate Emergency Retrofit Guide’ estimates that heritage or architectural constraints involve 25% of all UK homes. These heritage or architecturally constrained homes emit more carbon than typical homes, therefore at a quarter of all homes they contribute more than 5% of total UK Carbon emissions. This is a percentage that can’t be ignored on the road to Net Zero nationwide.

The brilliant line up of speakers include:

  • Chris Procter – author of the toolkit
  • Caroline Russell – Green Councillor for Islington and the London Assembly
  • Will South – Etude
  • Chris Jofeh – Arup

A number of other experts will join the panel for the Q&A session including:

  • Lizzy Westmacott – Energy Conscious Design
  • Anna Woodeson – Power Up North London

This is an excellent opportunity to get insight into how the Toolkit could be used in Local Council Planning Authorities. It will be relevant to people interested in the built environment in particular architects, planners, engineers, residents of Conservation Areas and local councillors.

Please click here to register for this free event.