Conker Conservation complete latest project to AECB Silver Standard

Paul Mallion and team receive AECB Silver certificate for ‘Old Dover Road’ project.

Congratulations to Conker Conservation on their latest Silver standard project.

Paul Mallion and his team were tasked with a 1960’s detached bungalow with cavity wall and air leakage of 7.94ach and a heating demand of 167 kWh/m2 per annum.  The house benefitted from cavity wall insulation and 50mm floor insulation and double glazing.  They used PHPP to model various improvements on a step by step basis but the client was keen to achieve AECB Silver standard in conjunction with creating a new space with large rooflights.  Old roof trusses were replaced with a new 300mm I joist roof insulated with Metisse recycled trousers (jeans) and 52mm dense woodfibre. 200mm EPS was applied over the existing rendered walls, and new Rationel triple glazed windows. MVHR was provided using Vent Axia’s Sentinel Kinetic Plus unit, and airtightness achieved using 1km of ProClima tapes. Fakro triple glazed rooflights with insulated flashings and external solar blinds were used. As a result air leakage has reduced by 78%, and heating demand by 82%, to 30kWh/m2 annum. They are now working with ventilation installers BET Ltd to fine tune the MVHR system, so as to achieve perfect comfort and humidity.

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