Business Description

The business offers homebuyers a range of services including the RICS suite of level 2 and 3 building surveys, which are conducted after the purchase agreement has been completed. In addition to these surveys, the business is committed to promoting energy efficiency by adhering to retrofit standards set by the AECB and Enerphit.

We actively provide retrofit advice not only for existing buildings but also for converting commercial properties to residential use. Our goal is to meet and exceed the current standards in the industry, ensuring higher quality and energy efficiency.

Moreover, we advocate for the RICS level three building survey as an ideal chance to retrofit homes. This process helps decrease energy demand and enhances comfort in residences that are typically old, drafty, and cold.

A core focus of our work includes retrofitting Victorian and similar buildings located in conservation areas. This requires a sensitive approach to maintain the historic and architectural integrity while implementing modern energy efficiency measures. By carefully planning and executing retrofitting projects, we ensure that these heritage properties are brought up to higher energy efficiency standards without compromising their unique characteristics.

In line with our commitment to quality and best practices, we adhere to the PAS 2035 standards, which provide a framework for assessing, designing, and implementing energy efficiency improvements in existing buildings. This ensures that our retrofitting projects are carried out systematically and effectively, promoting optimal energy efficiency and comfort. Our adherence to PAS 2035 standards also helps us align with the latest industry requirements, thereby delivering exceptional results that respect both the historic significance and energy performance of the buildings we work on.