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Simplifying Passivhaus: Beattie Passive delivers an award winning, innovative offsite timber frame build technology that guarantees the performance of Passivhaus. Beattie Passive is the first UK company to be awarded certification as a complete build system by the Passivhaus Institute in Germany. Based at the Hethel Engineering Centre near Norwich, the Beattie Passive provides a design technology that simplifies the delivery of Passivhaus, and tests and certifies all buildings upon structural completion to guarantee performance.

Beattie Passive’s construction method has 68 patents worldwide, and we work with architects, housing associations, developers and self-builders across the UK and Europe. Using Passivhaus principles, the Beattie Passive Offsite System is a Passivhaus timber frame structure designed into any style, shape and size, and delivers dramatic cost, time saving and environmental benefits. Our adaptable system can transform any design into a high-performance, low-cost home, and is so simple it can be done using semi-skilled labour.

Our Flying Factory and Volumetric Modular offerings provide housing associations and developers with a simple, fast, efficient construction solution that delivers high quality and energy efficient homes for all. The Beattie Passive Flying Factory enables developers and housing associations to deliver their own Passivhaus standard housing with off-site manufacture and rapid on-site assembly. As part of the offering, Beattie Passive provides the know-how, experience and support to set up and run a Beattie Passive factory, providing the organisation with the confidence and ability to manufacture Passivhaus on a large scale.

Beattie Passive’s Pop-up Housing, including the Haus4one family, is a Passivhaus volumetric system that meets the need for affordable, high quality housing. These innovative units can be used for temporary accommodation needs as units can be installed in a matter of days and easily relocated and altered as need and location changes. The solution is also suitable for long-term permanent housing.

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