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Suppliers of BecoWallform Insulating Concrete Formwork (ICF)

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Albert Street

DN20 8HQ
United Kingdom
Lower Cottage Farm

Project Design
A modern, energy efficient family home reflecting the existence of the previous buildings of farm cottage and stone-clad and open barns. In the dramatic design produced, the three elements are apparent, the cottage and barn being connected by the glazed link which is timber clad, reminiscent of the old open barn.

Combining the unique design of three different elements, along with the client brief for sustainability, was potentially problematic. The solution, however, was a “fabric first” approach, specifying solid construction with Wallform ICF for the external walls, and concrete floors.

High levels of thermal insulation and thermal mass result in a more even temperature throughout the home. A combination of ground source heat pump and heat recovery system maintains a comfortable feel to the home which is enhanced by the spacious impact created by the layouts of the living rooms.



Affordable Home, Scottish Highlands

Project Description

A relatively small retirement home on a site constrained by a public road on one side and rock escarpment on the other, with utility services running through it. The dwelling was required to have low running and maintenance costs and, most importantly, maximise the potential views over the sea loch on the opposite side of the road.


The Wallform 313 system was specified, achieving a U-value of 0.18 W/m2K when finished externally with a thin coat render system. The Wallform construction, as well as being practical and quick to build, also provides excellent levels of air tightness without cold bridging, both being factors which reduce comfort levels and increase energy bills. Heating is provided by an air source heat pump supplemented by solar heat gain from the south facing sun room.

Building Schools

Built on time and to budget, this single storey complex provides a light, comfortable environment for the education of our younger generations.

The key to Sustainable Construction lies in the performance of the building fabric. With considerate design, this reduces energy requirements for heating and ventilation to the level of passive operation – i.e. Active heating is only required in conditions of extreme temperature.

As an insulated structure, BecoWALLFORM offer passive energy performance standards while proving a strong and durable structure for all designs and sizes of school buildings – from multi-storey colleges to large volume sports halls and small single storey annex buildings. Whatever the design, the Wallform construction remains based on a standard format of interlocking components selected to satisfy the design specification for:

  • Architecture
  • Structure
  • Fire resistance
  • Acoustic performance
  • Energy efficiency
  • Flood resistance
  • Low maintenance
Robin Miller
Managing Director
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