Business Description

Specialists in continuous building performance monitoring for both new-build and retrofit.

We design a performance monitoring solution specific to your needs. We use proven ‘off the shelf’ components together with our cloud-based software to collect detailed performance data and transform it into key metrics regarding building performance. We are removing the need for extensive in-house monitoring equipment by integrating with heat pumps, solar systems and smart hot water systems as they increasingly proven smart data interfaces.

Our solutions can include a smartphone app for resident feedback / education, plus a maintenance alert feed to report on abnormal performance or faults.

Our approach is based on two principles:

  1. Only in-use performance monitoring provides a realistic measure of how things work in real-life
  2. Residents and building users are fundamental to building performance

We work with leading practitioners in the industry including:

  • Social housing providers
  • New build developers
  • National & regional construction contractors
  • Engineering consultants
  • University & research organisations

Projects include EnergieSprong retrofits, PassivHaus monioring and zero-carbon new-build designs.


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United Kingdom
William Box
Managing Director