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Cercula are a sustainability consultancy specified for the construction sector. We offer sustainability data to the design phase of projects, informing the decision maker on the best way to save money and carbon by assessing the building by its full 60 year life span. We offer Carbon Quantification and Optioneering, Life Cycle Assessment and Costing, and Building Circularity Analysis.
We can back up architects who want to push green designs with data. We can strengthen planning applications for developers with sustainability statements. We can steer self builders who want to achieve high levels of sustainability in the right direction. The embodied carbon data mitigates green washing and allows for green building.
We’re impartial and science driven, relying on RICS and ISO standard methodologies and materials data published by BRE.
Beehive Lofts, Jersey Street

M4 6JG
United Kingdom
Isabelle Gough
Founding Director