Business Description

Eco Design Consultants is an award winning chartered architecture practice, that designs beautiful, practical and fun places to live and work. We strive to deliver responsive solutions which have a minimal impact on the environment.

Carrstone House

Carrstone House was designed to meet the clients desire for a highly environmentally sustainable life, achieving Passivhaus Plus certification. The living spaces are arranged in an open plan format facing south to use maximum solar gain. The master bedroom and lounge are the most used rooms and so are located to the south maximising the views. A central utility spine separates private and public area within the house, providing a clear design feature. The house optimises high levels of natural light, reducing energy usage and improving wellbeing. Solar panels incorporated into the roof will provide enough energy to completely meet the power and heating need of the home, with excess to run their electric car. This makes the house carbon neutral and energy positive. Efficient water fittings, water butts and sustainable drainage solutions will be included to reduce the usage of water.

Hale House

Certified to Passivhaus standard this home replaces an old unloved bungalow on the same site. The site is nestled between two bungalows and is near to a conservation area and area of outstanding national beauty. The design for this project required achieving a sensitive balance between the clients space requirements whilst respecting the lower ridge heights of the neighbors and the traditional street scene. This traditionally styled Passivhaus demonstrates that Passivhaus’ can be designed in any architectural style. The flat topped hipped roof sensitively masks the presence of PV’s whilst allowing the home to sit comfortably next to it’s neighbors.

Howe Park Study Centre

In the beautiful ancient woodland setting of Howe Park Wood in Milton Keynes, we have designed this environmental education and visitor center for this Parks Trust. The center contains classrooms, meeting rooms, an outside decked area and pond dipping platform. The building features a living stone wall, incorporating a number of boxes to be filled with items to form insect homes, or for planting. As well as offering a striking visual impact the wall offers an exciting way for people learn about local wildlife. Local artist Annette Reed has created four stunning stained glass windows depicting the changing seasons in Howe Park Wood. Bird and bat boxes are installed in the adjacent woodland and interpretation panels to help people learn about the nearby wildlife. The brief for this project was to ensure that any building reflected the clients values and environmental work. Therefore, the center is designed to become part of the surrounding environment rather than a statement in itself.

Alan Budden
Director / Chartered Architect / Certified Passivh
John Williams
Donna Budden
Business Development Director