Business Description

Grain Architecture is a small ethical design practice specialising in the use of natural low-carbon materials. We aim to create healthy, beautiful spaces with a positive impact on the environment, through: land and ecological regeneration, carbon sequestration, safe materials, breathable buildings, high-performance design, cradle-to-cradle analysis, and attention to detail. Working mostly across the south of the UK.

Business sector
Straw Bale Workshops

Two straw bale artist’s workshops with glazed link. Rammed earth floors, concrete-free foundations, timber frame, straw bale walls, larch cladding, lime render, roundwood frame, wood fibre board and sheeps wool insulation

Keepers Cottage

Renovation and extension to a thatched cottage, using timber frame construction, limecrete foundations, natural insulations, and reclaimed tiles, bricks and cladding.

Tuppenny Barn Farmshop & Cafe

A new Farm Shop and Community Café with Education spaces, at Tuppenny Barn community farm near Chichester. Currently at Design Stage, but intention is to construct with naturally insulated Passivhaus standard timber panels, with a wildflower living roof over the top.

Janna Laan Lomas
Founding Director
Andy Hales