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Certified Passive House Tradesperson + AECB CarbonLite Retrofit Graduate.

I have spent over 15 years working in two of the pillars of sustainable living – food and buildings – and offer experience and services around these to form the fundamental building blocks to transition to a sustainable and regenerative society.

I have completed the AECB Carbonlite Retrofit Course and undertaken retrofit work on a variety of buildings. With a background in sustainable, traditional and natural building techniques my focus is on improving the energy efficiency of our current building stock whilst ensuring that a healthy and comfortable environment is created both inside and outside the building. I believe that energy efficient buildings can and should be achieved using natural materials. With experience in a wide range of buildings from conservation of historic buildings to new build in straw bale I love to bring the best elements of our building heritage into the present day. I have detailed understanding and experience of using traditional breathable materials and their appropriate application within all types of building.

I follow the preferred CLR method of taking a whole house approach and using PHPP to model the retrofit proposals.

I have extensive knowledge of food production systems enabling me to look beyond the building at the bigger picture of a sustainable future. With over a decade of experience running the leading foraging business in the UK and working with top chefs and food thinkers I have a wealth of knowledge on sustainable approaches to food. This has contributed to my unique understanding of the incredible possibilities for producing food in, on and around our buildings and cities. I have designed and maintain edible forest gardens and wildlife gardens. My preferred approach is to combine these into food systems which enhance and increase biodiversity. I favour no-dig, low maintenance food systems which are better for soil health and microbial diversity plus the co-benefit of being easier for people to use and maintain.