Business Description

Intelligent Membranes are the world’s leading liquid membrane suppliers and installers.

Our liquid membranes can be spray or brush applied, and our products include:

  • Passive Purple – The world’s most airtight intelligent liquid vapour control membrane. It can reach 0.03ach on any substrate it’s adhered to and is BBA approved and Passivhaus certified.
  • Passive Purple External – External facade UV protection and weatherproof membrane. Fire classification of B-s1 and LABC approved.
  • Intelligent Windows – Supplier and installer of Passivhaus triple glazed windows which are secured by design and come in any RAL colour.

Why are our products so forward thinking?

  • Certified radon barrier.
  • Passivhaus certified component for airtightness.
  • Provides a healthier & cleaner standard of living.
  • M1 Class VOC free.
  • All membrane products recyclable.
  • Helping the environment as well by planting a tree for every order taken.
  • Unlike paper membranes no huge labour time on application.
  • Dries within hours.

Here is a link to our Intelligent Windows website:

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Our products assist our company’s philosophy of working towards a net-zero emissions future.


Clopton Manor, Lower Road

United Kingdom
Passivhaus Bar

The world’s very first airtight pub is now open for business in Cambridgeshire. Yep, we made a pub.

After working with Passivhaus building standards for some years, you begin to look at the world around you with new eyes. You spot opportunities to optimise venues, using what’s already there to be a brand new source of energy. As a place that attracts significant groups of people — when permitted — pubs became a curious fascination for our team. Not only are they a wonderful place to drink beer, but they’re also an untapped resource of body warmth that every venue, until now, has let go to waste.


Recently, through the Building Physics, Construction and Services research unit at Ghent University’s Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, Passive Purple and Passive Purple External were put to the test. Passive Purple was applied on concrete block walls with Rockwool® RockSATE Duo Plus insulation panels to assess the impact of different installation support anchors.

Rockwool® RockSATE Duo Plus is a rigid panel of uncoated, double-density volcanic rock wool. It’s designed specifically for facades with external thermal insulation systems. Its high-density outer layer allows for optimal adherence of the render, and the lower density inner layer enhances the thermal performance of the panel.

On paper, Rockwool® RockSATE Duo Plus and the Passive Purple range looked like a match made in eco-building heaven. But we wanted that paper validated. So we took it to Ghent University to be put under the microscope.


Greater airtightness with Passive Purple & Rockwool


MMC and Passive Purple

What is MMC in Construction?

Modern Methods of construction also known as MMC in construction  is a broad range of things. Everyone thinks it’s just building containers and houses in a factory and then transporting them to site all kitted out. That’s just not the case. MMC in construction  can be anything new that can speed up the process on-site and is more sustainable than traditional methods. For example, it could be normal timber frame, timber frame SIPS (structural insulated panels), light gauge steel, or a panelised system like the one that we use in our factory at White Haus.

Adam White
Owner, Creator & Passivhaus Consultant
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Alex White
MD & Expert Airtightness Installer
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