Business Description

At Marraum we bring more to your space – and take your story beyond its walls. From private to commercial, contemporary to restoration, we can take you on that  adventure with a different kind of architect practice in Cornwall.

Vision – 

Marraum is about the story of space. We have a vision to create healthy, happy and more sustainable communities.

Mission –

Seeing more than what’s put before us. Giving space the respect it deserves. Our focus centres around giving more to people and place by delivering joyful, considerate and crafted architecture.

Business sector
Studio J, Jubilee Warehouse

TR10 8AE
United Kingdom
All about the angles

A house in an amazing location where the original builders hadn’t considered the location at all. Time for a re-aligned view from Marraum to create a modern home with a spectacular view.

Seeing Clearly

A stunning position for a contemporary build, but with an obstacle in its direct line of sight. More of a challenge than an issue for the Marraum team – and one that they relished.

Bring Balance

From ugly duckling to graceful swan: reworking this detached property has brought its true potential to light.

Adam Laskey
Jonathan Barattini
Design Director
Daisy Sawle