Business Description

Design and supply of Eco and Sustainable kitchens. We have probably the largest range range of eco kitchens in the country and are constantly searching for new and interesting eco materials with which to build our furniture. We can cater for pretty much every style of kitchen in the market today, budget & bespoke, created within the eco brief. We can supply to both domestic and commercial markets under a supply only or supply & install basis. We work and supply throughout the UK.

Business sector

West Yorkshire
United Kingdom
Materials choices and uses

This gives you an idea of our materials database and suggested uses, by no means exhaustive and we look forward to your ideas of how we can use our materials to help with your project.


This is our latest and most eco friendly concept for building furniture within a domestic or commercial setting. Uses are not limited to kitchens or bathrooms, we are happy to consider any project where these materials can be put to good use.