Business Description

Partel is renowned as a leading developer and supplier of high-performance building envelope solutions and materials for the low-energy building sector. 

The company has Irish roots and a global presence within Ireland, the UK, North America, and mainland Europe.

Technical excellence is at the core of their product development, providing an integrated range of Airtight and Windtight Systems, Thermal Bridging Solutions, and Ventilation Systems that significantly improve the energy efficiency in both residential and commercial construction. These include monolithic breathable membranes, solvent-free adhesive tapes, adhesives and sealants, recycled structural insulation, and mechanical ventilation with heat recovery.

They are committed to innovating in smart, sustainable building components that lead to intelligent energy consumption, building longevity, and quality of life.

Business sector
Cobham, UK

KT11 3DB
United Kingdom
Hugh Whiriskey
Founder and Technical Director