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Paul Jennings is the UK’s most experienced airtightness tester, with over 30 years experience.

Trading as Aldas, he provides ATTMA-registered airtightness testing to TSL1 (dwellings), TSL2 (non-domestic buildings) and TSL3 (Passivhaus). Aldas also provides consultancy and training around the delivery of airtightness, for contractors, consultants, architects and other interested parties. This includes running their Airtightness Champions Program as well as delivering CPD seminars and speaking at national & international conferences.  Aldas also provides oversight and witnessing services for major schemes.

Current major projects are: the Passivhaus swimming pool & leisure centre in Exeter, with Warm; Agar Grove Phase 1B newbuild Passivhaus project in north London with Hill Construction;  Cambridge University Centre for Sustainable Learning (CISL) with ISG

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13 Ludlow Road

West Midlands
United Kingdom
Where dwellings leak diagram

3-D diagram of common places where houses leak.  Originally used in Building for a Future Magazine.

Key to leakage sites: White numbered arrows are building fabric leakages; yellow-numbered arrows are leakage sites associated with service penetrations.

Agar Grove Phase 1A Acceptance Airtightness Test - March 2018

The most complex airtightness test yet undertaken in the UK.

Co-pressure test with 8 sets of equipment operating in parallel, testing 2 stairwells and the flats opening off them, plus 6 ground-floor maisonettes with individual entrances.

Took more than half a day to set up and several hours to collect readings.  A site team of 6 test engineers and assistants, plus additional  assistance from Hill Partnership, the main contractor.

12 Steps to Airtightness Diagram

12 Steps to Airtightness was developed more than a decade ago as a route map for designers and contractors in UK construction who wish to deliver low-energy and Passivhaus dwellings and other buildings.  Now routinely applied to UK eco-builds.  This diagram summarises the approach.

Paul Jennings
Airtightness Specialist