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Certified Passiv Haus Consultant and Architect

31 Hawthorn Grove

Greater Manchester
United Kingdom
Alexandra Road

The house is designed to Passivhaus standard with the calculated annual energy consumption of 17kWh/(m2/a) and a heating load of 10W/m2.

The design features interlocking L shaped monopitch roofs, creating south facing areas for solar PVs. The design was carefully considered to afford views through the house to the garden. The open plan living, dining and kitchen wrap around a courtyard to the rear and face a large family garden. The volume of the space is maximised by opening up the living areas to a balcony above and the open ceilings create a sense of scale to the bedrooms.

The construction is Kingspan TEK with render rainscreen cladding. No masonry was used in the build.

Quarmby House

Low Energy Retrofit of 1967 Quarmby House in Huddersfield, with new triple glazed windows by Green Building Store, Pavadry insulation, Vacuum Insulated Panels and airtightness measures and a demand ventilation strategy.

Sara Darwin
Architect and Passivhaus Consultant