Business Description

Family-run, award-winning small local business

As a family-run, award-winning business, our strength is in delivering innovative high-quality products supported by exceptional technical and conscientious customer service.

We know substrates like the back of our hands

We’re dedicated to delivering innovative Self Levelling Floor ScreedsRendersPlastersProfessional Tiling SystemsNatural Hydraulic Lime products, and Streetscape® BS 7533 Compliant Mortars.

Offering transparency through LCA – we have a vast number of EPDs

We offer a comprehensive range of EPDs for a wide range of German-made building materials.  Offering transparency through LCA, specifiers are in an informed position to reduce environmental impacts by calculating embodied carbon, eliminating toxic materials, and understanding the ‘Cradle to Grave’ impact of their chosen materials.  Under the new nZEB building regulations, the carbon embodied in building materials will account for up to 50% of the total life cycle carbon emissions of the homes and buildings designed.  By 2050 we need to reduce the carbon emissions from the construction and operation of buildings to zero including materials. SMET’s online EPD Platform published by the IGBC offers this comparative ability in decision-making.

Quality, Environment, and Health are at the forefront of what we do

We recognise as a supplier of superior quality building products and services, we must ensure our operations are carried out to the highest of standards. In order to achieve this, we operate a BSI-registered ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System, BSI registered ISO 14001: 2015 Environmental Management System, and a BSI-registered ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

These management systems define our working procedures and processes, underpinning our commitment to providing excellence in all our services, systems, and products.

Sustainability and what we’re doing

Visit our SMET Sustainability page to see more about our commitments to the environment and the local community.

Our Commitment to Training

We have invested 130 hours in training in 2022 alone, making sure our workforce is healthy and safe.  This is paramount to us. Reducing the impact we have on the environment is a priority, and ensuring the consistent, superior quality of our products & technical services is the key to our success. We have integrated training seamlessly into our workplace culture.  We have created a working environment that is safe, conducive to our employee’s health and well-being, environmentally friendly, and focused on quality.

Business sector
SMET Natural Hydraulic Lime 3.5 binder| conservation & restoration works NI

The selective hydraulic strength development of NHL binders makes them particularly suitable for producing lime mortars for masonry work, rendering, and plastering on historical buildings and monuments.

Our comprehensive range of NHL restoration and preservation products, combined with exceptional technical support and aftercare, are the key drivers in the selection of SMET natural conservation products.

SMET has a diverse and comprehensive range of EPDs

We delivered EPDs to Coady Architects. Download our EPDs here:


This helped allow them along with a huge supply and delivery team to receive Net Zero Construction Award – Highly Commended in Housing Category for Kilbride Court Housing Development.


Kilbride Court was also awarded the first and highest Gold Certificate in Irish Green Building Council Home Performance Index making it the most independently certified sustainable multi-unit housing development in Ireland