Business Description

We supply the largest range of waterless toilets in the UK. Our main focus is compost toilets for the home but there are models suitable for all applications including allotments, boats, eco businesses, campsites, caravans, mobile homes and recreational vehicles. If you can live there we can supply a low impact toilet that does not create any pollution. Product categories include:Composting toiletsUrine diverting dry toiletsGreywater filtersWaterless UrinalsIncinerating ToiletsPlease visit our website:

Business sector
Composting Toilet in Community Centre

Installation of the waterless toilet in a purpose built garden style room. The unit uses no power or electricity and creates no odours. The unit is insulated to retain the heat from the waste (37 degrees C) for bacterial composting.

Toilet for grade 1 listed Church

Installation of the Biolan separating dry toilet. This unit is separating but requires no electricity because there is a natural flue with a cowl. The Separating toilet collects the solid waste and the urine is diverted through the toilet to a small soakaway. Solids are removed and then placed in a composting bin.

Composting toilet in grade 1 listed Church

Installation of the Sun Mar Excel Non electric in a grade 1 listed Church in Exmoor National Park. The unit does not need power or water. The Excel is unique in that the compost can be turned through 360 degrees to aerate and mix the waste for optimal aerobic composting.