Divest Parliament training available

Encourage your MP to divest the Parliamentary Pension Fund from fossil fuels

Over the last 18 months, thousands of people have got active with the Divest Parliament campaign – asking their MPs to divest the Parliamentary Pension Fund from fossil fuels.

So far, 160 MPs, including leaders of the Labour Party, the SNP in Westminster, Plaid Cymru and the Green Party have signed up.

It is pressure from constituents that gets MPs to act so the Divest Parliament team have devised a training session to empower constituents to engage effectively with their MP to get action.

Sign up to host a Divest Parliament training session where you are to get the latest on the campaign, and how to engage effectively with your MP to take action.

The training session is action focused, with next steps built in, and looks at top tips for constituents engaging with MPs – from reading body language to asking the right questions to getting the right people in the room.

The Divest Parliament Trainers are interested in working with as broader a range of groups as possible – whether it’s a sixth form politics class, the local choir or an existing group.