Please find all the board meetings minutes below for 2018-2020



210603_AECB Board Minutes (APPROVED).docx
210304_AECB Board Minutes (APPROVED).docx
201203_AECB Board Minutes (APPROVED).docx
201117_AECB Board Minutes (APPROVED).docx
200917_AECB Board Minutes (APPROVED).docx
200709_AECB Board Minutes (APPROVED).docx
210909_AECB Board Minutes (DRAFT).docx
9Jul 20_AECB Board Minutes.docx
4jun20_AECB Board Minutes.docx
6Mar20_AECB Board Minutes.docx
6 Dec19AECB Board Minutes.docx
13Sep19_AECB Board Minutes.docx
6Jun19 AECB Board Minutes.docx
8Mar19_AECB Board Minutes.pdf
7Dec18_AECB Board Minutes.pdf
21Sep18 Board Mins.pdf

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