At the moment £1 in every £4 spent heating our homes is wasted due to poor insulation.
We know that households are finding their budgets stretched and, at a time of rising global commodity prices, this level of waste has to be tackled.
Households across the UK understand that installing basic energy efficiency measures such as insulation will cut their energy use but many are unaware of the level of savings they will make as a result.
That is why we commissioned the British Gas Home Energy Report. We wanted to understand the impact of energy efficiency on national gas consumption and, crucially, how it is impacting bills.
British Gas is uniquely positioned to understand energy use in Britain. We are the largest supplier of energy in the UK with 16 million customer accounts across the country. We service and repair 4 million boilers each year. And we are the largest supplier of energy efficiency products in the country.
We asked the Centre for Economics and Business Research to analyse 40 million British Gas customer meter reads over a four year period. This report, the largest ever independent investigation into domestic gas use, is the result of that analysis and its findings are stark.
British Gas homes have seen a 22 per cent decline in gas consumption on average, as more homes adopt energy efficiency measures, but within these numbers, there are still too many homes which have taken no action at all.
Those British Gas customers who did adopt simple energy efficiency measures, such as insulation, saved an average of £322 each year and saw a 44 per cent fall in their gas use between 2006 and 2010. These are real people saving real money right now. The falls in gas use follow three decades of rises and show the impact energy efficiency is having on British homes.
You may wonder why an energy company would actively seek to encourage people to use less energy. We firmly believe it is the right thing to do, and, as Britain’s energy company, we want and need to be at the forefront of the UK’s transition to low carbon homes and businesses.
I hope you will find this report informative and enlightening. Its key message is good news for British homes. Rising global energy prices don’t have to translate into rising energy bills. Energy efficiency is making a big difference.


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British Gas Home Energy Report 2011

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