The guidance has been produced to help prevent conflicts between energy efficiency requirements in Part L of the Building Regulations and the conservation of historic and traditionally constructed buildings. Much of the advice will also be relevant where thermal upgrading is planned without the specific need to comply with these regulations.
This advice also acts as ‘second tier’ supporting guidance in the interpretation of the Building Regulations (referred to in paragraph 3.10 of the Approved Documents) that should be taken into account when determining appropriate energy performance standards for works to historic buildings.
This guidance supersedes English Heritage’s previous publication Building Regulations and Historic Buildings an interim guidance note on the application of part L which was prepared in support of the 2002 Regulations (revised in 2004).
 Building owners and occupiers who are considering what action they need to take to improve energy performance, and to meet or surpass a range of statutory requirements
 Architects, surveyors and similar professionals who are preparing proposals for work on traditional or historic buildings, and who need to make an appropriate professional response to requirements which can often be in conflict
 Building contractors, materials and component suppliers who need to understand the implications of decisions they make in carrying out their work, or of the technical advice they give to their customers
 Officials, such as conservation and planning officers, building control surveyors, approved inspectors, environmental health officers and housing officers, who will be experts in one area (for example building conservation, general legislation or energy performance), but may be less familiar with the balances that need to be struck in reaching reasonable solutions that suit all parties.


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Energy Efficiency and Historic Buildings - Application of part L of the Building Regulations to historic and traditionally constructed buildings

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