This report summarises the information described by four detailed reports on energy related topics (Thermal Insulation, Space and Water Heating, Energy Efficiency and Fuel Consumption) produced using data from the 2001 English House Condition Survey (EHCS) and the subsequent meter reading survey carried out in 2003. It draws on the key analyses contained within these reports and places them within the context of the English housing stock as a whole. For the full analysis of this material please refer to the individual reports and supporting tables.
The EHCS is a five yearly survey undertaken in order to assess the condition of the housing stock in England. The results presented here are from the sections of the survey that provide information on both the dwelling characteristics and the occupants. The survey results are based upon a sample of approximately 17,500 dwellings.
The fuel consumption analysis uses meter readings from a sub-sample of 7,400 dwellings from the 2001 EHCS and follow-up readings taken in 2003.


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Energy Use in Homes - Energy Summary Report

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