The drive to reduce energy use and carbon emissions is one of the greatest pressures for change in the historic environment today. The impetus comes from policies and initiatives to mitigate climate change, maintain energy security, reduce domestic energy costs and tackle fuel poverty.
Measures to improve the energy and carbon performance of older buildings can affect the character and significance of historic places to varying degrees, depending on their nature and the context in which they are proposed and undertaken. Satisfactorily resolving the heritage impact of such measures requires informed decisions being made from a sound evidence base which can also help with developing good practice advice.
As part of building this evidence base, English Heritage commissioned NDM Heath Ltd to undertake case studies of three large-scale external wall insulation projects in the North of England. The report focuses on a range of issues including methods of funding, pre-installation assessments, selection of materials and systems, design, specification, procurement and implementation, and highlights factors affecting the quality of work. In addition, the report assesses the heritage impact of the measures, and reviews the perceptions of stakeholders, including building occupants.
It should be noted that the views expressed in this research report do not necessarily represent those of English Heritage.


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External Wall Insulation in Traditional Buildings: Research Report 2014

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