Conventional laboratory tests for the determination of liquid transport are not fully appropriate for interior insulation purposes, as they tend to overrate the transport ability under non-isothermal conditions in the hygroscopic region, and, in some cases, are not possible at all. A new test method, the Capillary Condensation Redistribution test, has recently been developed by Fraunhofer IBP. This test is specifically designed for the needs of interior insulation and is also appropriate for moisturesensitive
materials. Via hygrothermal simulation, transport characteristics are determined, enabling
a close reproduction of CCR-measurement results. The data is cross-checked (where possible) by
numerically simulating standard drying tests. While the results of both tests can be simulated with
good correlation each, comparisons show that the drying test parameters overestimate the redistribution
process of interior insulation. At the same time, the CCR-test parameters partially underestimate
the isothermal drying process. To provide a single set of material parameters for hygrothermal
simulation, a consolidation of transport characteristics derived from both tests is done. Numerical
reproductions of field tests prove the validity and reliability of CCR and combined parameters.


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Keeping Risks at Bay – Improving a Test Method to Reliably Quantify the Capability of Capillary Active Interior insulation

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