Since the early 1960s, External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems (ETICS, EOTA name used below) also called External Wall Insulation Systems (UK and Ireland) or Exterior Insulati- on Finish sytems (EIFS, North America) have been applied to insulate external façades. Right from the start, these thermal insulation systems were investigated by the Fraunhofer Ins- titute for Building Physics in the laboratory, at outdoor tes- ting sites as well as at already existing buildings. The results were published among others in IBP Reports No. 192, 316, 382 and 438. There the state of external thermal insulation systems at existing buildings is reported. Investigations were carried out several times over a period of three decades and at defined intervals, at the end of 2004 for the last time, to assess the long-term performance. Fig. 1 gives an example of the state of the building at different time intervals.


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Long-term Performance of External Thermal Insulation Systems

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