Steve Clarke, Green Building Store

portrait1BW[1]Steve will be sharing his experiences of best practice design and commissioning of MVHR systems for Passivhaus projects. As well as designing and commissioning systems designed by Green Building Store, Steve is also regularly asked to investigate problems with systems that other companies have not  designed or installed properly. Typical issues he has been  called upon  to trouble-shoot are: noise, leaking condensation, poor air circulation and over-consumption of electricity. Steve will be presenting the do's and don’'ts of MVHR design, commissioning and maintenance to help your project avoid these pitfalls.

 Steve Clarke is Services Engineer for Green Building Store’s MVHR Design Service, which has a national reputation for expertise in supplying MVHR systems to meet Passivhaus requirements. A qualified electrician, Steve has over 40 years’ experience working in the construction industry, with over 3 years of experience in designing and commissioning MVHR systems throughout the UK.



MVHR Maintenance and Commissioning Challenges and Best PracticeDownload

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