This report is the final report of Sustainable refurbishment of building facades and exterior walls (SUSREF).
SUSREF project was a collaborative (small/medium size) research project within the 7th Framework Programme of the Commission and it was financed under the theme Environment (including climate change) (Grant agreement no. 226858).
The project started in October 1st 2009 and ended in April 30th 2012. The project included 11 partners from five countries. The coordinator of the project was Tarja Häkkinen, VTT.
SUSREF developed sustainable concepts and technologies for the refurbishment of building facades and external walls. This report together with SUSREF Final report Part B and SUSREF Final Report Part C introduce the main results of the project. Part A focuses on methodological issues. The descriptions of the concepts and the assessment results of the developed concepts are presented in SUSREF Final report part B (General concepts) and SUSREF Final report Part C (Specific concepts).
The following list shows the sustainability assessment criteria defined by the SUSREF project:
1) Durability 2) Impact on energy demand for heating 3) Impact on energy demand for cooling 4) Impact on renewable energy use potential 5) Impact on daylight 6) Environmental impact of manufacture and maintenance 7) Indoor air quality and acoustics 8) Structural stability 9) Fire safety 10) Aesthetic quality 11) Effect on cultural heritage 12) Life cycle costs 13) Need for care and maintenance 14) Disturbance to the tenants and to the site 15) Buildability.
This report gives guidelines for the use of assessment methods especially regarding durability and life cycle impacts.


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