This review and report undertaken on behalf of SERS Energy Solutions Ltd to understand the current standard of workmanship and quality control on site looks to analyse current practice and methods of work when undertaking external wall insulation, it applies equally to when it is located either externally or
internally. It delivers a critical assessment of current practice in the industry and provides a suggested route for improvement. This report is a combination of BRE’s extensive experience of working across the industry, working with Local Authorities, Social Landlords, and installers. It also feeds into the analysis being undertaken by the BRE on behalf of the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC). The study indicates that although many companies do deliver insulation works that meet the requirement of both Ofgem and PAS2020, it indicates an inconsistent approach across the company structures, in the
cases where workmanship and assessment has been observed. The weaknesses in current practice are more reflective of the current state of the external insulation industry than a direct criticism of anyone organisation or system directly and at no stage has workmanship been evidenced that is not at the current
industry standard. However for any company to be at the forefront of Best Practice, changes to procedure, process and knowledge do need to be made, and these in the view of the BRE are set out in the recommendation section of this report. SERS Energy Solutions Ltd are committed to promoting best practice processes and guidance, and commissioned the report so that it can be shared with peers and key stakeholders in the industry to further improve working methods and deliver more robust solutions. This report acknowledges the support and co-operation of all staff interviewed within numerous companies
and the input from Tim Foreman PhD researcher for Cardiff University.


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The SERS Report - External Wall Insulation, Current Practice Review and Guidance for Improvement

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