Edward Walker Legacy

The Board have decided that the money left to the AECB by Edi Walker will be invested in a photovoltaic array to be erected on a community building he designed, allowing the FIT to be claimed by AECB, whilst the power generated is available to the community centre. It was also agreed to use some of the FIT income to sponsor five student places at AECB annual conferences – see below.

Discounted Student Places At AECB Conference

The AECB Committee has agreed to subsidise 5 places at the conference for full-time students studying a building related subject. If you are a full time student, committed to a green building agenda, then tell us why you should be offered a subsidised place in 200 words. The subsidy is a £100.00 reduction.

Email your application to Geoff Stow at Geoff.biy@homecall.co.uk by the end of July.