Environmental Leadership Programme for young people

The Environmental Leadership Programme  is a FREE 9-month-long programme for 18–25 year olds based in the West Midlands. This programme is for you if you want to get connected with people and nature in your local community and help tackle environmental issues in your area and beyond!  Young people can be the driving force for social and environmental action and you can obtain the tools you need to be the change you want to see.

Through a mixture of online and in-person events and activities, you will build a stronger personal connection to your environment and learn how this can drive change for you and your community. You will meet with local leaders, visit Shropshire Wildlife Trust centres, and develop (with a team of peers) your own Nature Connection Campaign, designed to connect your community with the natural world, all the while learning tools to help you break into the professional space of environmental leadership. This programme is a great opportunity to build knowledge, skills, confidence and networks so that you can drive change in your community!

ELP 2 is designed specifically for 18–25 year olds from under-represented backgrounds and has support in place for every individual to gain the most from their experience.

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