Exclusive: UK may deliver EU sustainable building targets in spite of Brexit – while Scotland & Wales commit

Investigative report by our partner magazine, Passive House Plus reveals some real hope on low energy building in the UK.

Jeff Colley, editor at Passive House Plus magazine has published an exclusive article today saying: “The  Welsh and Scottish governments have issued statements to passive House Plus including the verbatim response that they had “transposed all requirements of Directive 2010/31/EU to date and our intention is to continue to do so.”

A European Commission spokesperson told Passive House Plus that “we understand that the UK has withdrawn the zero carbon Allowable Solutions carbon offsetting scheme, but not the targets as such.”

Responding to the news, AECB CEO Andy Simmonds said: “The Scottish and Welsh governments are representing citizens’ interests with great integrity. They demonstrate basic economic common sense: their design and construction sectors will benefit from staying close to a modern and international construction industry – rather than a parochial one. Improved quality and climate-change preparedness of new buildings will reduce greenhouse gas and other harmful emissions and improve health and wellbeing for building occupants and the wider community. England would benefit from doing the same.”