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      I am aware that ECO is often left to the side when discussions about the Green Deal take place, but a well-formed colleague recently said to me 'the Green Deal is all about ECO'. He was absolutely right: it is, in all but name, a grant for energy efficiency measures, the monies for which originate through charges on all our bills

      The Energy Company Obligation has still not been fully defined as I write this, but whatever shape it will ultimately take, ECO will be an opportunity for clients of AECB members to access money to undertake certain energy efficiency measures such as solid wall insulation. Enabling your clients to tap into ECO money could be a deciding factor in whether you or a competitor gets a job.

      Details on ECO can be found at http://www.decc.gov.uk/en/content/cms/tackling/green_deal/greendeal_guid/greendeal_guid.aspx.

      One way of accessing ECO money is to work with a Green Deal Provider who either has a preferred relationship with an energy supplier or who will submit the measures in a blind auction system.

      Does anybody have ideas/opinions about how those of us who care about quality of work and effectiveness of measures can best compete for ECO money?


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