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      What are people’s opinions on air to air heat pumps? We are planning a retrofit of our circa 1940’s semi. External insulation, new roof, new floor insulation, new windows, small extension, Mvhr, 3.5-4kw Pv array south and south west facing. House is pretty small about 85sqm. I am attracted to idea because much cheaper than air to water or gshp (I know there is no rhi) also saves money on plumbing and new rads / ufh, so more money for insulation and mvhr. The proposed scheme is open plan living kitchen dining down stairs and 3 beds and bathroom up stairs. Thought I would put electric towel rail in bathroom. I was looking at a unit with 2 or 3 outlets. either 1 or 2 downstairs and 1 upstairs in hall adjacent to all bedrooms and bathroom doors. Any thoughts greatly appreciated. I have started the heat loss calcs so can provide more info if helpful. Thanks

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      Tim Gilbert

      Pete, Sorry you had to wait so long for a reply.

      Most of my family live in Norway and use air to air heat pumps. Those living in the largest house, which is also the most exposed, have two separate systems, one serving the bedrooms and the other the rest of the house. The two systems operate independently both by time and temperature.

      As the climate warms and overheating becomes more of an issue air to air has the added advantage that it can relatively easily be used for cooling.

      I hope my thoughts prove useful.


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