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        In this video Dr Stacey Waring outlines her extensive research and findings to AECB members which shows that non-woven roofing membranes pose a serious threat to bats as a result of entanglement and there are also numerous other concerns regarding these membranes in a bat roost, including membrane functionality and microclimatic changes . CEO, Andrew Simmonds then shows how he has used Stacey’s research findings in a recent building project design. Finally, Stacey takes questions from AECB members. Have you got a question for Stacey or would you like to comment on the video? Please do so here. The video can be viewed here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8MBPNDk0hv8
        More info about Stacey and her research can be found here – https://aecb.net/community-articles/double-jeopardy-bats-modern-roofing-membranes/

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