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      Flo McKnight

      Hello Forum

      I’ve had a look through past posts in here and have seen this question asked years ago but not really answered as far as I can tell, so:

      If you are assessing a client’s old property (early 1900s) with a cavity wall (condition unknown but looks to be about 100 mm) for retrofit measures; and you are planning on recommending they use an external wall insulation system of sorts, rendered Graphite EPS or DD Mineral wool, to go ontop of the sand-cement rendered walls, looking to hit a min. U-value of 0.18 W/m2K, do you attempt insulate the cavity? And if so what with? Or do you just seal the airbricks behind the EWI and leave it at that (not sure the wall can be sealed easily at roof level)?

      Anyone had any experience/good/bad experiences with the above? Or can link to any good articles?

      Many thanks



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