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      Forgive me if this has been covered elsewhere, which I've no doubt it has, I just don't have time to wade through a load of old posts!

      My clients wish to refurbish their late C17-early C18 shop with 2 storeys above. They would like to use the cellar (which I suspect has not much been touched since it was built, much like the attic rooms) for shop storage. It is of course quite damp down there, although no signs of external water entry.

      My initial thought was to leave the brickwork as is, but now I'm thinking of using perhaps Diathonite to warm the wall surface slightly whilst still allowing moisture out.

      Ventilation needs to be introduced (there is none presently as such) but how best to do it? I'd like to do it passively if possible, but I suspect not.. I've read elsewhere about potentially using a dehumidifier alongside MVHR but am a little confused by this – wouldn't an MVHR de-humidify?

      The base of a large chimney stack sits in the middle of the room, none of the fireplaces are used, and it makes sense to me to try and utilise this in the vent strategy – but would the 4 storey lift be too much?

      Any ideas much appreciated!

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